Post master CentraleSupélec Mathematics (Applied), Energy, Systems

Official Title
Automatique pour la Transition Energétique

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Prerequisite of the training
Master (minimum)

Formation type
Initial education

Course languageUndefined
Language level prerequisitesN/A
Language requirement to graduateN/A

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The institute : CentraleSupélec

Mathematics (Applied), Energy, Systems

Campus de Rennes,
Avenue de la boulaie
35 510 Cesson-Sévigné, France

14900 euros

Automatic control is one of the important players in the contemporary sustainable energy transition. It allows us to improve systems’ energy efficiency but also their flexibility and predictability – a must to achieve a real global optimization of the energy system.
The Control for Energy Transition specialization is based on an advanced control curriculum that allows students to master control algorithms as well as fundamental concepts in structuring and behavioral specifications. With these concepts students will be able to assure the performance and the safety of systems through all life cycles and under various operating conditions.
To supplement these foundations in control, the curriculum also includes courses on electrical power systems that allow students to understand the control challenges of power and energy systems and smart grids.

A master degree or a Engineering diploma is required.


Period 1
September - March Language Hours* Credits*
Linear System State Control en 21.00 2.00

Modeling and Identification fr 15.00 1.50

Specification and Discrete Event System or 36.00 2.50

Safety and Reliability en 18.00 1.50

Discrete Time Systems and Nonlinear Systems en 30.00 2.50

Real Time Systems fr 24.00 2.00

Electrical Power Systems fr 48.00 4.00

Object Oriented Modeling and Simulation en 24.00 2.00

Smart Buildings fr 24.00 2.00

Complex Systems Engineering fr 24.00 2.00

State Estimation and Fault Detection for Grids fr 24.00 2.00

Foreign Language / Seminar fr 46.00 4.00

Laboratory Work and project or 320.00 12.00

Period 2
April - August Language Hours* Credits*
Intership or INTERNSHIP 20.00

* The number of course hours may be subjected to slight variations.
* More informations about ECTS credits.