Association Bernard Gregory

Since 1980, the Association Bernard Gregory (ABG) has a mission of general interest to promote the doctorate and the professional mobility of doctors (PhD) of all disciplines towards the economic sector. In other words, ABG helps doctors in their professional development, and helps companies to recruit doctors. ABG is supported in this mission by the MENESR (French Ministry of Higher Education and Research).

Specifically, the ABG offers the following services:
- Via its website www.intelliagence.fr: the deposit of job offers, thesis subjects, CV, and updated information,
- A recruitment aid for companies,
- Organization of seminars and events, and participation in employment forums,
- A set of training courses for future PhD students, doctoral students, doctors and supervisors.

These trainings deal with the preparation of the professional project, the self-knowledge and its environment, the job search strategy in France and internationally, and management.

Finally, the ABG is very active on various communication channels including its website www.intelliagence.fr, YouTube and social networks: Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

ABG (intelliagence)