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ENSMM is one of the famous French « Grandes Ecoles » and its Engineering degree has been recognized by the national engineering accrediting board CTI (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur.
Since 1902, when it delivered its first engineering degree, ENSMM  has developped numerically (with actually around 1000 students) as well as  themewise. Our program prepares students for a large spectrum of professional roles in technological domains. After the Package for « Methodological integration » (also called Semester of Transition (ST) ) carried in Besançon  itself, students can select one of the nine  options  actually proposed in our institute in collaboration with major industrial sectors. Thus depending on their professional objectives, students have the possibility to specialize in  Mechanics, Materials and Surfaces, Energy and Transport, Microsystems, Micro and Nanotechnologies, Mechatronics, Automation and Production Engineering. Finally note that at ENSMM, after their engineering degree, students can pursue with a PhD curriculum.
For further details, we invite students to visit our web site (http://www.ens2m.fr/).

Besançon is located on east part of France, close to Switzerland.

Besançon / Paris: 2 hours and half by TGV

Besancon at the east of France 

 Besancon web site

ENSMM is located on the Temis Technopole, near the University campus with dormitories, cafeterias open all the year, sport equipments and bus for down town and railway station.


ENSMM, a model for attractivity and synergy development
Historical links between Research / Education / Enterprise
ENSMM Education: 1000 students (Engineers, Masters, PhD)
ENSMM research:  Femto-St-Institute, 500 co-workers, Multidisciplinary approach, Creativity development.
The students have to realize an internship of 7 months in a company during the two year program. Placed under the supervision of a professional advisor, ENSMM students are rapidly operational and autonomous. Students benefit greatly from their interaction with the professional world by gaining an early exposure to the reality of their profession. A large number of internships are followed by a job offer from the company.  The students get an allowance of at least 400 euros monthly from the company during these internships.
 Pedagogical support
n+i students can take advantage of some specific support:
- from the head of n+i
- from a fellow tutor (student)
- from a teaching tutor (lecturer)
Scholarships: Foreign students registered in ENSMM, can apply for a Besançon scholarship based on a merit and financial needs.
6 scholarships will be granted during the first year: 300€ per month for 12 months.


Professional Network

Many contacts exist between the school and industry, as far as both teaching and research are concerned. Therefore, representatives from various companies are members of the School Council and committees.

ENSMM is associated to numerous companies for Research and Development

ENSMM is linked with ALSTOM Transports Compagny for the development of power electric engines for fast rail trains.




 ENSMM web site

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ENSMM guarantee rooms for n+i students. These rooms are booked in advance.

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This year, ENSMM received about 40 foreign students from 10 different countries and through different programmes.

Partnership with n+i

ENSMM has been in the n+i network since the very beginning and we carry the PIM package in Besançon itself.

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n+i Representative
Nathalie BOUDEAU