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Over 60 years, INSTN has been training Engineers specialised in Nuclear Engineering in advanced techniques in nuclear reactor physics, design, operation, facilities’ optimisation and broader topics of the nuclear field. Ours is the only engineering course in France to award the title of Engineer specialised in Nuclear Engineering, which is the only degree in this field with accreditation from the French Commission for Engineering Degrees and Certifications (CTI) and a listing in the French Government’s National Directory of Professional Qualifications (RNCP and EUR-ACE).


Site of Saclay (near Paris)

Site of Cadarache (near Aix en Provence)



The core and scientific teaching staff of course comprise a team of first class CEA research lectures and nuclear industry experts (EDF, Framatome, IRSN, Naval Group).

They participate on the Examining Committees which assess students’ Oral Defence of their final projects. They also play a key role in both INSTN’s and the Nuclear Engineering Masters’ dedicated Education and Development Committees which approve the training programme and objectives.
In addition to expert teaching staff, students taking the Nuclear Engineering Masters benefit from excellent facilities and educational methods.
From 2018, students will have access to INSTN’s EVOC (Enhanced Virtual Open Core) Platform, our 4D Virtual Training Reactor.
First of a kind internationally, this educational innovation will provide students will near real-life hands-on practice through its combination of AVR
technologies and actual reactor components.
Students also have access to a large collection of publications of direct relevance to the material covered in their course: the Nuclear Engineering Collection.
Professional Network

CEA,  EDF, Framatome, IRSN, Naval Group



All candidate applications are processed by a special Admissions Committee.
Only students with a science or engineering masters degree (accredited by CTI for France) or from INSTN partner Science and Engineering Schools are eligible to take the course.

The Nuclear Engineering Masters is a 12-month course, divided into two parts:
- 7 months academic component, comprising interactive lectures, tutorials, practicals and mini-projects, following a ‘competence-skills-jobs’ framework
Courses in Nuclear Physics and Neutronics
Mechanics and Materials Science
Radiation Protection
Nuclear safety 
PRINCIPLES REACTOR PRINCIPLES : Protection and safety systems, Operation, Accident management, Instrumentation, ...
Fuel cycle
Energy systems economics
Reactor systems,
- 5 to 6-month final project with a company or research institution in France or with laboratories/universities abroad
The course is delivered at two of INSTN’s Training Centres, Cadarache and Saclay. 
Important Dates

Duration  : One year september N to september  N+ 1 year 

Thbeginning of training   : fisrt september of N year 

The end of training  : between middle and end of  september of N+1 year 


Academic périod : september to march

interschip : april to agust(september)


During their year at INSTN, students can have access to scholarships (subject to social or academic performance criteria.


 1300 euros per year

Available master
Student Life


restaurant (low price for studient)

workspace and computer room with Wifi acces

studient space for relaxing (baby foot, sofa, ...)




RATP bus and RER B ( INSTN Saclay)

CEA bus for INSTN studients of  Cadarache  and Saclay   (free )  


In the site of INSTN Cadarache , students can have  a priviliged access to housing  (price approximately  450 euro/per mounth)

Accommodation fees


Some figures

 The course places nuclear in its global context, making our students aware of important international developments in the profession, through participation in a series of international seminars and the option of going abroad for their final project (North America, Europe, Japan)

The training is open to students of all nationalities, in particular from French-speaking countries or from one of the 18 member countries of the European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN), of which INSTN is a founding member.
In September 2014, the course obtained the EUR-ACE© quality label jointly awarded by CTI and the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE).
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