The "n+i"Network and international education in engineering

This part of the site is focused on the student studying in one French Enginering school and so speaking French, this is why this site will not translate into english, except for the pages "n+i Partners".


The "n+i" Network of Institutes and programs welcomes engineering students enrolled in French partner institutions (list) and interested in locating a 6–12 month educational program or internship or 18–24 month master’s program.


"n+i" exchanges are based not only on excellent academic programs—our international partner institutions are carefully selected—but also on a rich cultural experience, so vital to any successful international exchange. We ask our partners to contribute to that experience, whenever possible, by offering French students language instruction and an introduction to the culture, history, and traditions of the host country

Compléter votre parcours avec une expérience à l'étranger